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Gentleman's tray

This is my first attempt at edge-gluing multiple skinny boards to make this tray. It's a birthday present for my dad to hold his phone, glasses, coins, etc. on his nightstand. Aside from some small router hiccups in the large bowl, I'm happy with the result!

I ripped 3 4/4 walnut boards to 1.25" and glued them side-by-side. Since I don't have a planer, I made a quick a router sled out of 3/4" birch plywood and planed them that way. I made a tray template out of 1/4" hardboard and used a 1" tray carving bit in a trim router for each of the bowls. I then used a straight bit to straighten the edges, a 3/8" round-over bit, then lots of sanding smooth by hand. I finished it up with3 coats of Watco Danish Oil (Medium Walnut stain).

Finish: Danish Oil

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