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Engineering Senior Design Project Espresso Machine

3/4 Baltic birch layered up to create the enclosure for a heavily modified Gaggia Baby Espresso machine. This was one of my first projects without plans. I traced out the old enclosure and started making the first layer using a jig saw. I then gave the first layer its final shape on a stationary belt sander. After that I glued up the next layer and used a flush trim router bit to trim to size. After 10 layers and 12 hours I took the shell to the belt sander for a round of 120 and then 220. Then used a random orbit sander with 220 to get rid of the deep scratches from the belt sander. Gave a pretty good hand sanding with 400 grit, then finished with Tung oil finish (not pure tung oil). I learned alot about patience and how much it pays off to order more wood than necessary. I will never do this again without buying a cnc router first. Maybe then the machine will get a matching base -- Orginally posted by mcarter14777

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