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"Ladies" Bicycle

For ladies who trash tradition. Do you ever sit at work and just daydream about hopping on a bike to thrash the streets of the city?Ever had a thought that life is more than just obeying the rules? The Derby Bike has a flexing anti-establishment wood frame made from multiple plies of Baltic Birch. Womens Roller Derby is the inspiration and source of this new weapon for the city streets.The Derby Bike is a bone crusher for the raw Urbanite.Every jammer's dream, the light and flexible Derby Bike is the single speed rooster of the hen house.Turning heads has never been so easy than when riding on this truly one-of-a-kind bicycle. A bike in its most minimalistic form, this one you just hop on and ride towards trouble.Single speed bikes are like that - simple and easy to use.But that's just the start.Throw in a modern rear coaster brake for some outrageous hard corner skids in the heat of a chase, an instant stopping front drum brake for spectacular flips, a dyno front hub pumping out the voltage to definitely make you the center of attention, and gator tires to ride over all that broken glass.Not recommended, but strap a Molotov cocktail onto the rear custom Cocobolo rack and you are ready to street derby in style! -- Orginally posted by Richard

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