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My wifes desk was literally faling apart.I accepted the challenge of building a new one for her.My preferred furniture style is mission/arts crafts.I drew my inspiration from a picture I found after many hours of internet searching.The desk is made of quarter-sawn white oak.Drawer carcases are baltic birch plywood - for stability.Drawer boxes are poplar with qs white oak fronts.The top is bread-boarded qs white oak with a white oak plywood center.Outside of the hardware there are no fasteners.All joints are mortise and tenon.The entire project was dyed, sealed, stained and then top-coated to produce a grain-pop.I then completed the finish with a coat of paste wax.The project was a bit of a challenge for me as this is probably the third or fourth peice of furniture I've built to date.My next challenge might be to get a handle on photography as this picture just does not do the project justice! -- Orginally posted by fuzzydicewoods

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