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American map of the states

This is about the best gift a person can give a young gun for Christmas or any time . Its a plain ole puzzle and is a good learning experience.

Two pieces of 1/4" baltic birch is all the wood that is needed with a scroll saw. The blade used was a # 3 or a #5 flying dutchman brand. The coloring is the little 2 oz bottles of water base paintfrom Hobby Lobby or Michaels then some clear 2 X on top of that.

I've done quite a few of these maps and any color for each different state is okay.

I did drill a very small hole where each capital is located and I drilled a ling of holes down the middle of the great lakes dividing their part with our part.

I think if a person wants to name the states then on the back would be the best plus adding the capitals

I got a picture of the states from the internet and enlarged it for my use.

Finish: clear

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