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A 170-Pound Purple Heart & Red Oak Table by Doug Johnson

by Mark Stephens | September 23rd, 2009
Red oak and purple heart table by Doug Johnson

Red oak and purple heart table by Doug Johnson

This thing’s a beauty!

To help display red oak and purple heart (two featured woods this month) in a finished project, Doug Johnson built a table using both woods together.  Doug is the store manager of the Woodworkers Source Tempe location, and you can come by the store to get a look at the table if you want.

When you see it up close, you’ll realize it’s more than a table, it’s more like a 170-pound workbench . . .  one that you’d probably consider too nice for a exposing to the rigors of a woodworking shop.

He made the top butcher block style: uniform 2-1/8″ wide strips of lumber turned on edge and glued together to make the full width means it’s super strong and super stable.  He also laminated the legs to form 3-inch squares, and included a vented bottom shelf.  The overall dimensions came to 36″ tall, 36″ wide, and 72″ long.

You might be thinking that the story of this table should be called, “How Doug used 3 gallons of glue on one project,” but he’s also the pocket hole king.  He employed the Kreg K3 Jig for making a number of pocket holes on this table, too.

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  • Gary

    Wow,beautiful job Doug. I really like the wood mix and I think that it will look even better as the Purple Heart darkens with age.