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Did You Know About Lumber Discounts?

Thursday, September 8th, 2011

Lumber, and how to get it at a discounted price

When you’re out to buy lumber, we want you buy from us. No surprise there, right? Most importantly, that’s why we try to provide you with a whole menu of choices so you can buy wood that meets your needs. If you want to buy just a small piece of something exotic, no problem. We’ll cut a piece for you from a longer board. That’s also known as “no minimum order.” Get as little as you want.

Or if you need to yield a certain size in your project, no problem. We ask you for selection requirements when you order over the phone or through our website.

If you don’t want to even think about shipping costs, we have lumber packs in 3 different quantities that are priced with shipping included so you know right up front what your exact out-of-pocket cost is.  You can see those right here: Lumber Packs, shipping included.

Then if you want a lower price, guess what? I have an answer for that too.

Woodworkers Source Lumber Discounts:

  • Lumber – buy 100, get 25% discount. Yes, you can mix or match woods. Get 20 of this, 20 of that, 60 of that and you’ll get 25% off each one. Exception is when the lumber is on sale. See below.
  • Craft and Project packs – buy any 3, get 10% off each one.  Again, yes, you can mix and match. Get a pack of one wood , then two packs of  another, you’ll get 10% off each one. Go to packs >>>
  • Lumber that’s on sale – only difference is the discount. Buy 100, get additional 10% discount off the sale price. Woods that are on sale can always be found on the Current Specials page.

Veneer & Turning Stock Discounts:

  • Veneerbuy any 5 sheets, get 10% discount. Yes, you can mix or match as well.  Go to veneer >>>
  • Turning Stock – buy any 5 blanks, get 10% discount. Yes, you can mix or match as well. Go to turning stock >>>


How to Get Free Shipping on Your Lumber or Wood Order at Woodworkers Source

Wednesday, July 13th, 2011

Free shipping on lumber from Woodworkers Source

If it’s one thing every internet shopper enjoys, it’s free shipping. However, woodworkers aren’t your typical internet shoppers.  They’re artisans and craftsmen first, which means the idea of free shipping often comes second to trusting their lumber supplier to send only the choicest, most respectable quality they can possibly find.  Well, to be blunt, it’s quality that we propose to deliver and then back it up with a 100% guarantee.

That must be partly why we’ve been around so long, shipping wood to woodworkers all over the world. You could say we’ve checked that off the to-do list.  So what now?

It must be time to shift into a new gear and unveil free shipping at Woodworkers Source.

Here’s how this works:

  1. At the end of every quarter throughout the year, we pour over the list of mail order customers who have placed orders.
  2. Anyone who’s accumulated $1000 in purchases since the beginning of the year will receive a voucher for free shipping on their next order.
  3. We’ll ship that next order anywhere for free in the 48 U.S. by ground service, no matter how large or small. Free shipping.

Of course $1000 is no small amount of money, but any woodworker knows that you can easily shell out that much into as little as two projects. So we’d like to reward those who trust us as their wood source with this free shipping program. The $1000 threshold matches up with our local Rosewood Club program that’s designed for local customers who shop at our stores; this way, everyone (local or mail order) is covered with a reward for reaching $1000 in purchases with us.

Free shipping coupons/vouchers are distributed during the first week of each new quarter: January, April, July, and October.

  • Your free shipping coupon comes in the mail  and e-mail during the first week of the new quarter after you’ve accumulated your purchases
  • It’s good on any order of any size
  • Coupons are not distributed instantly, but only at the beginning of each quarter

If you ever want to know how close you are to earning a free shipping voucher, just call 800-423-2450 or or email us at


For complete details, rules and FAQs, please click here >>>

Add Your Project Picture, We’ll Give You a $10 Coupon

Tuesday, May 4th, 2010

We want to see your woodworking projects! So here’s the deal for you: we’ll give you a little spending cash to Woodworkers Source if you’d be so kind as to upload and share a picture or two of one of your woodworking projects.

It’s Easy to Do:

Woodworkers Source Project Gallery

  1. Go to the Woodworkers Source Project Gallery and Login or Register (which is free)
  2. Upload a project picture
  3. We’ll send you a $10 coupon to your email inbox (note: only one coupon per person)

It couldn’t be any simpler. The coupon will expire on May 31, so get started today: Woodworkers Source Project Gallery