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FREE Entry Project Theme: Sitting Stool Project Deadline: November 8, 2014 You’ll Get $50: Every completed project receives a $50 store credit Prizes: Win $500, $300, $100 worth of woodworking tools plus numerous other prizes The sitting stool is one of the earliest forms of furniture – so if you want to explore the rudiments (and fun)
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If there’s one thing to understand about creating a rustic or distressed finish in alder woodworking projects, it’s this: there is no wrong answer. But still, maybe you want a handful of ideas to get your creative gears greased up. Indeed, of all wood finishes, rustic/aged techniques are probably the most fun to do – perhaps
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width=”800″ height=”450″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen=”allowfullscreen”> Since European beech is very close-grained and dense, you can get a wonderfully smooth and flawless finish on the wood with very little trouble. Prepping the wood goes quickly, too, as abrasive sandpaper cuts this wood fast – unlike hard maple, which shares a similar density and light color. However, European beech is a
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