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Stripes, colors, and all kinds of shapes characterize this set of wood turnings from Jim King. There’s even a piece made from spalted bloodwood, which I find highly unusual. I want to know more about the wine dispenser.  Is the wine chamber wood only, or is there a container of some kind inside?

Check out this second set of fun turnings from Jim King down in the Peruvian Amazon.  He’ll be commenting on these incredible woods he used down below …. In the mean time, click on the pictures to see a larger version.  I’m interested in that multi-part vessel at the end:

You’re going to get a kick out of these turnings. Some are inside out or exceptionally intricate.  Others look like regular ol’ bowls.  But all of them use a special and unusual wood that echos the beauty of the forest from which they came. Of course, let me not fail to mention these were turned
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In this guest blog post, Jim King takes on a tour, so to speak, of his turning shop down in Peruvian Amazon.  I hope you enjoy his humor and enlightening pictures from a fairly primitive set up. – Mark Stephens Wood turning is one of the oldest crafts in the world and has been done
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