In 1999 Keith, the owner of Woodworkers Source, went to Paraguay to visit a sustainable yield lumber project.  He came back with a container load of unusual woods following shortly after. When we bring in unusual woods, it’s often with a bit of stand-back-and-wait because even though we’ve seen a sample piece (or maybe not …Read More

Ask any bass player, and he’ll tell you that his job is the least respected in the band.  Musically speaking, the bass takes care of the low end; and those who don’t know any better may think this position really is low end.  Did Elvis play bass?  Willie Nelson? Guys like Jimmy Page and Carlos …Read More

Master gun stock carver, teacher, and author Jose Valencia published Carving Gunstocks Power Techniques in which he shows readers how to create stunning and unique carvings on rifle and shotgun stocks.  And he’s bringing his talent and knowledge to Woodworkers Source this week on Friday and Saturday (October 16 and 17). You can see Jose …Read More

Those who work with mesquite may appear a little nuts to woodworkers who are used to the likes of cherry, walnut, oak, and similar woods. Mesquite’s beauty comes from a different breed of criteria other than clear wood.  Namely the worm holes, splits, checks, knots, and bark inclusions that characterize the tree and her timber.  …Read More