When you stroll through the AWFS (Association of  Wooworking and Furnishings Suppliers) exhibit hall in Las Vegas, you’ll find impressive lumber-cutting machines.   Huge things that rival your house.  They can mill 8,000 little furniture parts in under 60 seconds, for over-exaggerated example. I’ve seen robotic arms use immense suction to lift 3/4″ thick 4×8 sheets …Read More

Few woodworking activities elicit sheer youthful thrill and goofy smiles as much as woodturning does. What competes with chucking up a nice block of wood on a lathe seated on 50-pound cast-iron legs, flipping the switch and pushing that mammoth toothpick you call a “roughing gouge” into the spinning blank? Anything? Very little, once you …Read More

When your wife asks, “Can I get your help with something?” you now have a good excuse when you answer, “Uh, not right now sugar.” Because you’re building something important. Something that demands your utmost attention and focus. You don’t want to get this one wrong. Pay close attention and set to work making your …Read More