Shipping Costs for Lumber & Wood
And tips for how to get your lowest shipping rate

shipping lumber for woodworkers

How Much Does Shipping Cost?

Shipping charges are provided by U.S.P.S. and UPS, and determined by the package sizes, weight, and destination of an order.

To find out what it will cost to ship something to you, add items to your cart and click "Estimate Shipping" to enter your zip code.

Several of our products include the shipping costs within the 48 U.S., or have a simple flat rate.

Tips For Getting Your Lowest Shipping Rate

1. Check Your Order's Weight
There are some sweet spots that provide better rates

You'll find the weight of your order on the basket detail screen. We show you that to help you plan.

70 lbs is the "magic" number:

  1. We split lumber orders into more than one package when they're over 70 lbs.
  2. A package that's as close to 70 lbs without going over gets the best rate-per-pound.
  3. An order that goes over 70 lbs gets a better rate-per-pound as it gets closer to 150+ lbs than it does 71 lbs.
  4. The highest (worst) shipping rates occur 1 to 5 lbs, and 71 to 79 lbs

2. More Wood = Better Shipping Rate
Most of the time...

Since wood is dense, heavy, and awkward, shipping a quantity of 1 or 2 (board feet, pieces, etc.) usually carries the highest shipping rate-per-pound. It's more economical to buy a medium quantity than it is to buy a small quantity of 1 or 2.

To see for yourself, add a quantity of 1 to your cart and check the shipping estimate. Then, change your quantity to 4 or 5 and run the estimate again. You'll see the shipping charges only slightly change with a higher quantity of wood.

The 70 lbs "magic" number mentioned before plays a role, too. If you go over 70 lbs, you'll get a better rate at (for example) 130 lbs than you will at 72 lbs.

Canada shipments: most lumber and wood packages are shipped by UPS.  Canadian customs and broker fees may apply at time of delivery.  These costs are not included here, and are not under the control of Woodworkers Source nor UPS.  Costs are charged by Canadian Customs and/or the broker.

How Fast do we ship, when can you expect your order?

Your order ships within 72 hours* of receipt in our warehouse, not including weekends.

*72 hour turn around: Our shipping team’s goal is to make you say, “Wow!” when you open your package of wood or lumber.  Therefore, it takes time to select and sort for boards that will meet your quality expectations and any size specifications that you’ve indicated.  Sometimes orders ship before the 72 hour mark as well.

The map below shows how long you can expect your order to take once it has shipped from our warehouse in Phoenix, Arizona, if it ships via UPS:
*Other methods of shipping, such as US Postal Service, may vary in transit times.  Use this map as a guide, not the definitive rule.  No guarantees are made by this map.

Frequently Asked Questions!

Shipping charges are determined by UPS, USPS, or a truck freight carrier, depending on the size of the order in question.

We actually don't "charge shipping," we just pass on the actual cost the carriers charge us. But we do get very good rates thanks to the volume of shipping we do

To answer how much shipping costs, we need to know 3 things from you:

  1. Quantity of lumber/product
  2. Shipping desintation
  3. Special requirements for lumber sizes, and/or special requirements for delivery

You can run a shipping estimator from the "View Basket" screen on the website. Add items to your cart, then click the shipping estimation button. It'll give you a quote for the items in your basket.

Tips for getting your best shipping rate

  1. Pay attention to the order weight. The highest (worst) shipping rates occur 1 to 5 lbs, and 71 to 79 lbs
  2. The best rates occur between 60 and 69 lbs (for UPS shipments)
  3. Go bulk! Shipments of 150 lbs or more get the absolute best rate-per-foot. You get more wood for your dollar than you do with smaller shipments.

Shipping a quantity of 1 of any kind of wood, veneer, or plywood is very inefficient. Try adding a couple more pieces to your cart and then run the shipping estimator. You'll see that your shipping charge barely changes, yet you're getting more wood.

The longest lumber we can reasonably ship by UPS Ground is ~96".

However . . . UPS does accept packages up to 108" long (9 feet) and up to 165" in length + girth. But there's a catch. Any package that's over 130" length + girth is considered "Oversize" by UPS which incurs a Large Package Surcharge and a minimum charge for 90 lbs. Visualize a lumber bundle with 3 boards 4/4 x 6" x 96". Once that gets wrapped up in our thick packaging for protection, the pack measures right about 130" in length + girth. That's the limit before you start getting dinged with fees.

What that means to you is about 8' long lumber is the longest we can ship by UPS without excessive shipping fees. Longer is possible, read on.

Shipping Lumber Longer Than 8' & 150+ lbs

Look to truck freight for lengths longer than 8'.

The catch with truck frieght is that the shipping rates aren't very economical unless you're shipping 150 lbs or more. That's about 60 board feet or so (depending on the wood).

Truck freight delivery comes with a different level of service than you might be used to with is a UPS, FedEx, or USPS package delivery. Truck frieght means someone at the delivery location must be available to unload the truck.

We do what it takes to make this easier on you, though. We'll wrap your lumber in 60-lbs bundles, then strap & wrap those to a pallet. That way you can clip the straps then unload one bundle at a time.


There are limitations on size. Usually the package may not exceed 36" in length. Please contact us to get a shipping quote.

Wood is heavy and awkward, and you're hiring a shipping carrier to hand deliver it to your door.

Shipping small amounts, like just a couple of small pieces, is not terribly economical. Shipping larger amounts of at least 150 lbs yeilds the best shipping rate .

Size is another factor. Small package carriers like UPS, FedEx, and USPS charge extra fees on top of their weight rates for packages longer than 48" (and even more for packages longer than 96"). Sadly, a lot of furniture projects require length. If you can handle lengths shorter than 45", often we can get you a better shipping rate if you let us know.

We charge you exactly what the carrier charges us. Shipping rates come directly from UPS, USPS, or a truck frieght carrier (depending on the size of the shipment).

Tips to Get Your Best Shipping Rate

There are a few sweet spots you should know about. See this page .