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Reviews for Maple Soft 8/4 Lumber

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January 10th, 2011
David Rittenhouse
Canoga Park CA USA
Looking for Replacement Maple
The submitted order was for 37 bd ft of soft maple. It included specs (paid extra) for lumber that was "as clear and straight as possible because it will be used for a bench top". Six pieces were received. Five of which I would rate 4/5 stars. The 6th piece has so much twist along its' length as to be unusable. The milled edge (paid extra) is not straight either. In order to complete the project, as planned, I will have to procure a replacement. The piece in question has not been cut and is in "as received" condition. By the way, the second order (53916) I received was excellent. It was for a project pack of popular. All orders I've received in the past from Woodworkers Source have been great. The subject order of maple was the first disappointment. I'm hoping something can be done to make it right. Thanks David Rittenhouse