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Reviews for Maple Soft 8/4 Lumber

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October 30th, 2012
Phoenix AZ USA
Their prices are way too expensive compared to other hardwood dealers. I found another local hardwood dealer who charges $3.60/bf for 8/4 soft maple. Even as a rosewood club member or buying more then 100 bf you can save hundreds of dollars buying else were. Their 12/4 cherry and walnut is TWICE as expensive as other dealers. I like Woodworkers Source, but I can't continue to throw money away.
June 15th, 2012
Ken B
Surprise AZ US
Price is high
I'm a Local guy who has bought 90% of my lumber from WWS. I bought some soft maple recently and when I got the board home I discovered the board was twisted terribly. I ended up cutting it up to use for some smaller items. I partially blame my self for not paying closer attention in the store. The issue I have is this board was milled up already and it was refused by someone else. (maybe the guy who posted the review before me?) They put it back in the rack for some other shlup to pick. I should have paid more attention. Bad on me. So I figured I would try some place else and discovered pricing elsewhere was only 3.70 a BF for 8/4 Soft Maple and that price is normal without having to be part of the rosewood club. Now I feel that I am being taken advantage of. Come on guys.... Your charging 2 dollars a BF more for domestics and to boot your keeping terrible pieces on the racks. I'm not to happy with you at the moment. Sorry guys, between the twisted board and the price difference you'll probably see allot less of me in the store. If your price was more competetive I would return.