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General Description
Working Properties for: Santalum album

Cutting Resistance

Cutting resistance is rather low, and the timber is reported to saw easily.


The timber is reported to plane with little difficulty to produce smooth, satiny surfaces.


Turning properties are rated as very good, and turned surfaces are usually very clean. The wood is reported to be an excellent choice for turning.


The timber responds readily to most tools to produce smooth surfaces in moulding operations.


The timber is reported to bore without difficulty with ordinary tools.

Routing & Recessing

Routing operations are reported to be rather easy.


The wood mortises readily and cleanly with ordinary machine tools.


Carving qualities are rated as excellent, and Sandalwood is reported to be an exceptional wood for carving.


Some precaution may be necessary because of high oil content.


Application of stains and other finishes may require some prior surface preparation because of high oil content.


Sanding properties are reported to be good. The strong and spicy odor produced during sanding operations is reported to be sometimes overpowering.


High oil content is reported to help produce a satiny smooth and slightly lustrous surface in polishing operations.

Response to Hand Tools

Response to hand tools is reported to be very good.