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General Description
Working Properties for: Ocotea thouvenotii

Blunting Effect

Dulling effect on tool edges is reported to be slight.

Cutting Resistance

Cutting resistance is reported to be low, and the timber is easy to saw.


Machining properties are reported to vary with density, but the soft and light timber generally planes readily with hand and machine tools. Striped material is reported to require considerable sanding after planing to obtain a uniform, smooth finish.


Turning, boring, moulding, mortising, and other machining properties are reported to vary, but are generally easy.


The wood is reported to mould satisfactorily.


The material is reported to be suitable for carving.


Gluing properties are reported to be good.


The timber is reported to take nails well, and hold them firmly.


Sanding qualities are reported to be good.

Response to Hand Tools

Softer and lighter wood is reported to respond readily to hand tools.