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General Description
Drying for: Carapa guianensis

Ease of Drying

Slow drying rates are recommended, and a low temperature, high humidity schedule is suggested for best results. The timber is reported to be more difficult to dry than Honduras mahogany.

Drying Defects

The wood has a tendency to split during the initial stages of kiln-drying. It is also liable to check and collapse. Bowing and cupping may occur but are usually not serious. High tangential to radial shrinkage ratio makes warping a very serious threat during drying.

Kiln Schedules

T3 - C2 (4/4); T3 - C1 (8/4) US

Schedule C; United Kingdom

T/R Ratio


This indicator is more meaningful if it is used together with actual shrinkage data in the tangential and radial directions. (Refer to the Numerical Values window).