Reclaimed Woods

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Real Wood Rustic Slices of Americana

From southern farmhouses and barns, this genuine reclaimed wood gives you an age-old rural charm and history in every inch. It all been salvaged from barns, sheds, and farmhouses of the southern Appalachia region of the U.S. You get rough sawn, naturally weathered patina reclaimed wood that's 100% harvested from to save the precious wood from going to waste.

Our reclaimed wood features straight-lined edges and a planed-smooth back making it easy to install a unique rustic accent wall.

Heat Treated Safety

You want rustic, you don't want risky.

This reclaimed barnwood is heat treated to ensure it's free of bugs to keep your home safe.

100% Nail Free

You don't want a rusty nail ruining your saw blade. This wood is nail free and easy to cut to the size needed.

Rot Free Goodness

Trimmed clean on each end to remove rot, leaving you with superior & authentic relcaimed material.