How to Save on Lumber Shipping Costs

Saving money on shipping costs is easy to do, and comes down to making considerations regarding:

  • Quantity of products / bulk purchasing
  • Package size and shipping method
  • Free Shipping programs

In general, the more weight you ship the better the shipping rate is. Shipping small quantities is not nearly as economical as shipping larger quantities. Shipping 50 lbs will cost less per board foot to ship than, for example, 10 lbs.

A couple of examples:

Sample item and quantity

Sample shipping cost to San Jose, CA

5 board feet  Red Oak (approx 16 lbs)

$25.51 ($5.10 per board foot)

20 board feet Red Oak (approx 65 lbs)

$40.72 ($2.04 per board foot)

100 board feet of Red Oak (approx 325 lbs) $162.25 ($1.62 per board foot)



1 sheet 2x8 Maple veneer (approx 5 lbs)


5 sheets 2x8 Maple veneer (approx 25 lbs)

$20.62 ($4.12 per sheet)

You can see that your shipping dollar goes farther when shipping 100 board feet rather than 5 board feet, and when shipping 5 sheets of veneer instead of just one sheet.

Extra good news:  we have discounts* on lumber 100 board feet; discounts on veneers at 5 sheets.

  • 100 board feet discounts are 25% off list
  • Veneer discounts are 20% off list for 5 or more sheets. 

You can mix wood types to reach the thresholds to get the discounts on all woods.  Woods that are on sale/special have a different discount schedule. 

Bulk Shipping and Long Lengths
Long lumber lengths (8’ or more) are best shipped in quantity by truck freight.   As a rule of thumb, 100 board feet or more ships at a better rate by truck freight, and there is no additional handling fee for lengths longer than 60”.  We can ship the longest material we have (often 14’ to 18’) through this method. 

The longest lengths we can ship by UPS is 8’, and long packages (60” or longer) incur a special handling fee by UPS.

shipping is included on some items

Craft Packs and Project Packs: Take advantage of our Project Packs and Craft Packs:  the price of these packs includes hand selected lumber that’s planed smooth on 2 sides, and – most importantly – includes shipping within the western 48 U.S. If shipped anywhere east of the Mississippi River, there's a simple flat rate surchage. $10 for craft packs, $20 for project packs.

Quantity Discounts. When you purchase multiple packs, you’ll get a 10% discount when you purchase 3 or more packs as well.  Each pack can be of a different wood.  For instance, get a total of three packs: one of Ash, one of Cherry, and one of Purple Heart, and they all get the 10% discount.