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Zanthoxylum rhetsa

General Description
Botanical Name: Zanthoxylum rhetsa
Other Common Names: Cabrit, Kaitana, Noyer, Kayutana, Kasabang, Kayetana, Salai, Sarai
Common Uses: Bridge construction, Decorative plywood, Furniture , Gunstocks, Planks, Shutters, Tool handles, Blinds, Bridge beams, Bridge joists, Chairs, Chests, Concealed parts (Furniture), Desks, Dining-room furniture, Dowell pins, Dowells, Drawer sides, Fine furniture, Floor lamps, Furniture components, Furniture squares or stock, Handles, Hatracks, Kitchen cabinets, Living-room suites, Office furniture, Plywood, Radio, stereo, TV cabinets, Rifle stock, Rustic furniture, Shafts/Handles, Sills, Sporting Goods, Stools, Tables , Utility furniture, Wardrobes, Windows
Region: Oceania and S.E. Asia
Country: Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Sri Lanka

Sorry, this wood is not available for sale right now.
However, we may have a similar species or an appropriate substitute. Let us help! Feel free to contact us.