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Scorodocarpus borneensis

General Description
Botanical Name: Scorodocarpus borneensis
Other Common Names: Bawang hutan, Kulim, Kulium
Common Uses: Boat building, Domestic flooring, Heavy construction, Joinery, Marine construction, Railroad ties, Shipbuilding, Sills, Barge fenders, Building construction, Building materials, Cabin construction, Canoes, Construction, Crossties, Docks, Dockwork, Excelsior, Factory construction, Flooring, Harbor work, Lifeboats, Mine timbers, Naval architecture, Parquet flooring, Raft floats, Rafts, Sub-flooring, Wharf construction, Windows
Region: Oceania and S.E. Asia
Country: Indonesia, Malaysia
Distribution: This species is reported to occur throughout the lowland forests in Borneo, the Malay Peninsula, and Sumatra. It is described as occasionally gregarious.

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