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Rhizophora mangle

General Description
Botanical Name: Rhizophora mangle
Other Common Names: Mangle colorado, Ak elel, Apareiba, Black mangrove, Candel, Candelón, Mangle dulce, Mangle geli, Mangle rojo, Mangro, Mangrove, Mangue, Mangué sapateiro, Pulapul, Purgua, Red mangrove
Common Uses: Boat building, Heavy construction, Charcoal, Railroad ties, Turnery, Tannin, Building construction, Building materials, Cabin construction, Canoes, Construction, Crossties, Factory construction, Lifeboats, Mine timbers, Shipbuilding
Region: Central America, Latin America, North America
Country: Brazil, Colombia, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Haiti, Jamaica, Mexico, Peru, Puerto Rico [US], Suriname, United States
Distribution: Mangle colorado is reported to grow on the Cape Verde Islands, Hawaii, the shores of central and southern Florida including Florida Keys, Bermuda, throughout West Indies to Trinidad & Tobago, and Dutch West Indies. It is found on both coasts of continental tropical America, from central Mexico south to Ecuador and northwestern Peru, and to Brazil. The species is also reported to occur in tropical Africa, where it is usually found in firmer and more peaty soils on the landward side of mangrove zones. African species are reported to be rarely more than 17 feet (5 m) in height.

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