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Prunus avium

General Description
Botanical Name: Prunus avium
Other Common Names: European cherry, Gean, Wild cherry, Mazzard, Fruit cherry, Merisier, Kers, Kirsche
Common Uses: Cabinetmaking, Decorative veneer, Door, Furniture , Joinery, Musical instruments , Paneling , Plywood, Shuttles, Toys, Turnery, Veneer
Region: Eastern Europe, Mediterranean Sea Region, Oceania and S.E. Asia, Western Europe
Country: Finland, France, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, United Kingdom
Distribution: One of over a hundred species belonging to the Prunus genus, P. avium is reported to be native to Britain and is also widely distributed in the forests of Europe from Norway eastwards, and extends into western Asia. In the United Kingdom, the species is reported to be native to regions as far north as the Scottish border, but is only commonly found as a wild tree among the Beech forests of the southeastern chalk deposits. Cherry is also reported to have been successfully cultivated by many landowners on their private lands, because of its beautiful blossoms.

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