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Picea engelmannii

General Description
Botanical Name: Picea engelmannii
Other Common Names: Engelmann spruce, Spruce
Common Uses: Pulpwood, Fiber moulded products, Insulating boards, Hardboards, Particleboard, Round timbers, Boxes and crates, Pallets, Boat building, Musical instruments , Canoes, Casks, Drum sticks, Lifeboats, Organ pipes, Packing cases, Piano keys, Pianos , Pulp/Paper products, Shipbuilding, Sounding boards, Violin, Violin bows, Xylophones
Region: Central America, North America
Country: Canada, Mexico, United States
Distribution: Engelmann spruce is reported to occur as a dominant species with Subalpine fir and in association with other conifers in subalpine zones up to the timberline. Its range is reported to extend from central British Columbia and southwest Alberta southeast to New Mexico. It is found mainly in the Rocky Mountains at elevations of 8000 to 12000 feet (2438 to 3659 m) in the north and at 2000 feet (619 m) in the south.

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