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Merbau Intsia palembanica

General Description
Common Name: Merbau
Botanical Name: Intsia palembanica
Other Common Names: Aizella, Ipil, Kwila , Lumpha, Lumpho, Merbau, Tat talun
Common Uses: Flooring, Heavy construction, Mine timbers, Shipbuilding, Boat building, Cabinetmaking, Musical instruments , Joinery, Furniture , Bedroom suites, Building construction, Building materials, Cabin construction, Canoes, Chairs, Chests, Concealed parts (Furniture), Construction, Desks, Dining-room furniture, Domestic flooring, Dowell pins, Dowells, Drawer sides, Drum sticks, Excelsior, Factory construction, Factory flooring, Fine furniture, Floor lamps, Furniture components, Furniture squares or stock, Hatracks, Kitchen cabinets, Lifeboats, Living-room suites, Office furniture, Organ pipes, Parquet flooring, Piano keys, Pianos , Radio, stereo, TV cabinets, Rustic furniture, Sounding boards, Stools, Sub-flooring, Tables , Utility furniture, Violin, Violin bows, Wardrobes, Xylophones
Region: Oceania and S.E. Asia
Country: Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand