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Madrone Arbutus menziesii

General Description
Common Name: Madrone
Botanical Name: Arbutus menziesii
Other Common Names: Madrone, Pacific madrone, Madrono, Madrona, Arbuti tree, Coast madrone
Common Uses: Core Stock, Decorative veneer, Flooring, Fuelwood, Furniture , Furniture components, Interior construction, Paneling , Plywood, Turnery, Veneer
Region: North America
Country: Canada, United States
Distribution: Pacific madrone is reported to be distributed on the Pacific Coast, from southwestern British Columbia south through Washington to western Oregon, and in the Coastal Ranges to south California. It is also found in the Sierra Nevada mountains of central California as well as on the Santa Cruz Island. The tree thrives on upland slopes and canyons, and is often found as an understory species in Oak and coniferous forests at elevations of 5000 to 6000 feet (1524 to 1829 m). The species is also reported to be occasionally planted in Great Britain.