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Reviews for Ipe 4/4 Lumber

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November 21st, 2016
La Pine Or.
Semi-Professional Woodworker
Love Ipe
Ordered some Ipe for a Longbow project. Received 2 boards 6' long by about 6". Asked for as straight a grain as possible. In other words perfect boards. lol One board was perfect looking, except for wormholes. No problem, I was able to work around them luckily. The other board has about a 2' width on one side that I can use for a bow. The rest of the board has runoff and a couple of knots that is not good for a bow. The rest of the board has beautiful grain and will make an awesome jewelry box for my niece. This wood is great to work with and sands down to glassy smooth. The perfect board does not exist but one can always hope. Woodworkers Source is a top notch outfit so go buy some Ipe from them people.
Familiarity: I haven't used it yet