Bubinga 4/4 Project Pack: 20 Board Feet
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Bubinga 4/4 Project Pack: 20 Board Feet
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hardwood lumber sizes
13/16" Thickness
Also known as 4/4, S2S.
Surfaced 2 sides (S2S) to 13/16" actual thickness. May still require you to flatten, plane, shape or sand your project parts to fit your project.
Details in our blog: "What Does 4/4 Mean in Lumber?"
4" to 10" Widths
This is the range of widths that are usually available in this pack.
  • Price shown is for a random selection of widths within this range
  • Special hand-selection is avaialble at an additional fee, please contact to inquire
  • Edges are rough sawn
  • Straight edge ripping service is available for a small fee
48" to 96" Lengths
Lengths will vary within this range.
Some Shipping Restrictions:
  1. If you order 10 bd. ft. or less, your lumber will be cut to be shorter than 45" for shipping purposes. Request different lengths using the "Minimum Size Request" box on the order form
  2. 8' is the longest length we can reasonably ship by UPS & FedEx
  3. Longer lengths can be shipped truck freight instead; Please contact us to get a custom shipping quote if you need lengths longer than 8'
No Minimum Purchase
We're easy to buy from! That means we can cut you a short piece(s) from long boards if you want.

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Ratings Snapshot
out of 5
5 (7)
4 (2)
3 (0)
2 (1)
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Would recommend this product.
out of 5
5 (7)
4 (2)
3 (0)
2 (1)
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Would recommend this product.
10 Total Reviews
Bubinga, 4/4 project pack, all longer than 8 ft
5 out of 5
Date: October 24, 2016
Wonderful wood, all boards have length of 8ft, some are nearly a foot wide. Very nice.
Verified Buyer Recommended
Bubinga furniture project
5 out of 5
Location: Payson, AZ USA
Date: November 28, 2012
This wood is amazing, and the service from Woodworkers Source was exceptional. It was delivered in superbly packaged materials, to Northern Arizona in 2 days! The wood itself is wonderful. Out of 100 board feet of material, there were only 1-2 boards that had more than 1/4 inch warp or twist over their full lengths. The selection made included mostly wide boards, so that was very helpful for my project! If you haven't tried Bubinga, it is amazing. Tight grained and often difficult to even tell grain direction. However, it sands wonderfully, and a clear finish reveals an almost 3 dimensional glow to this wood. Have fun with it!
Bubinga Bedroom Set
5 out of 5
John Fleming
Location: ,
Date: July 21, 2012
As usual, the lumber from Woodworkers Source was excelent. I have ordered sepele, volador, cherry, African mahogany, Brizaliam satinwood and have yet to be disappointed with any of the lumber. I do resaw a lot of the lumber for doing lamanating. Jewelery boxes are a favotire of mine, especially done on the bandsaw.Once my bedroom is done, I hope to post a few pictures.
Somebody blinked
4 out of 5
Location: Camden, DE US
Date: April 20, 2012
I was surprised to find a twisted board in my last pack of bubinga. Surprised because this is a first from WW Source. I was able to cut it into shorter pieces, so most will be useable in a project. Then, I'll be turning some bubinga pens. The rest of the order was, as usual, above average. I hope the guys picking my 60bf of walnut today got a good night's sleep last night. :-) WW Source is still my favorite lumber store.
10 Total Reviews
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