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Why Curly Maple?
Here's what to know about woodworking with this wood
woodworking characteristics


Same species as Soft Maple. Resembles Hard Maple being closed-grained but much softer. Easily worked. Turns and planes well. Does not require fillers to achieve a glass smooth finish. Accepts finish and paint well Curls appearing across the board are the result of contortions in the grain that reflect light at different angles.
color of Curly Maple

Color Range

Cream white to reddish brown.
other names for Curly Maple

Other Names

Carolina red maple, flame maple, fiddleback maple; see also Soft Maple
uses for Curly Maple

Some Typical Uses

Furniture, cabinets, accessories, interior millwork, high-end work
the Curly Maple tree

What's the Tree Like?

A popular, fast growing decorative tree. Matures to about 60-90 feet in height and 30" in diameter. The Curly Maple tree grows in Northeastern USA & Canada.
map of where this wood grows


lbs /Bd. Ft.
-26.54% lighter than red oak (3.58 /bd. ft.)


Janka Rating (?)
-26.36% softer than red oak(1290 lbf)


Specific Gravity (?)
-15.62% less dense than red oak(.64)

Woodworking with Curly Maple:

General Workability
Somewhat Difficult 7/10
Red Oak

Wood Texture
V. Fine 2/10
Red Oak

Ease of Finishing
Good 4/10
Red Oak

Video Tutorial

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Maple Curly Hardwood Sample
Maple Curly Hardwood Sample
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