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How Your Order Is Processed

Woodworkers Source wrote the book on how to package and ship lumber.   It takes quality shipping materials, attention to detail, and a good crew.  To give you a taste of how we do it, here’s a quick tour. Check it out:

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Talking With Customers

Craig, the mail order manager, and his crew monitors every order and talks with customers regarding their specifications and needs.

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Careful Wood Selection

In the warehouse, the crew sorts through lumber by hand and finds the right boards for every customer.

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Every Board is Recorded

Throughout the selection process, the crew records the widths and lengths of each board

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Professional Packaging

Boards are separated into bundles that weigh less than 65 lbs for easier and safer handling when you receive your lumber. The ends get extra protection, too.

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Plenty of Protection

Each bundle gets fully wrapped with thick corrugated cardboard, with extra on the ends for good protection.

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Lumber Is Fully Enclosed

The ends get folded over and taped closed, now it's ready for the next step....

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More Protection with Tight Plastic Wrap

The entire package gets encased in a heavy plastic wrap which helps keep the bundle good and tight and keeps out water.

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And Even More

....again with extra on the ends for superior protection and secured with packing tape

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Every Bundle Is Weighed

Every package then gets weighed, measured, and recorded.

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Everything is Recorded and Saved

All wrapped up, the paperwork for each order is stapled, signed, and ready to be shipped.

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Small Packages Get Great Care, too

Smaller wood pieces get packed into cardboard boxes protected by recycled craft paper and bubble wrap instead of annoying Styrofoam peanuts.

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Veneer Sheets

Sheets of veneer are rolled and placed into double wall boxes.

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Small Delicate Veneers

Thin and delicate pieces, like these raw veneers, will get a stiff "sandwich" packing to keep them flat and straight during transport.

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A Team of Good Guys

At the end of the day, these guys help load the UPS truck, and then celebrate another fun day of packing lumber orders at Woodworkers Source.