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Mahogany Genuine 4/4 Project Pack: 20 Board Feet

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Macassar Ebony Turning Squares: 1-1/2'' x 1-1/2'' x 18''

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Gaboon Ebony, Black African 1x2x24 Sized Boards

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The Best Outdoor Woods
Here's our list of great hardwoods for exterior projects

While teak is surely the most well known outdoor worthy hardwood, but the hardwoods you'll see below have superior qualities and characteristics to be excellent teak substitutes. They hold up well to the weather and elements, resist insects, and look beautiful with a quality exterior grade finish.

Outdoor woods make excellent and beautiful choices for building your own fine patio furniture or other projects that will be exposed to water, weather, and sunlight. However, no wood will last for decades without proper maintenance - use a wood finish that is suitable for your project, which may be an exterior oil, spar varnish, or epoxy coating.


Iroko (African Teak)

White Oak
  • Different from red oak as it is much less porous, but still very strong especially in exterior projects.
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Genuine Mahogany
  • It's like there's nothing that Genuine Mahogany can't do. Great looking in fine furniture, exceptional in musical instruments, and holds up well in outdoor projects.
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  • A medium-hard wood that's very easy to work, and is initially light tan when fresh cut. But it soon darkens to a reddish russet brown much like mahogany.
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Spanish Cedar
  • Very consistent and lightweight wood that does surprisingly well in outdoor furniture. Not as hard or durable as other hardwoods shown here, but usually one of the least costly.
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  • An exceptionally beautiful wood with dark red to purple color and an interesting interlocked grain.
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  • Very cost-effective wood that's easy to machine and work. Cypress has an appearance that resembles pine; yellowish with slighly darker grain lines. Holds up very well in the outdoors.
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Ipe Turning Squares 1-1/2"x1-1/2"x18"
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Rosewood (East Indian) 4/4 Lumber
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Goncalo Alves Cutting Board Pack: 20 Squares 1.5'' x 1.5'' x 30''
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Leopardwood 4/4 Lumber (small lace figure)
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Purple Heart 4/4 Craft Pack: 10 Board Feet
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Goncalo Alves Squares 5pc Pack: 1.5'' x 1.5'' x 30'' Long
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