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April 5, 2012 Issue #445

Woodworking Project Plans for a Bookcase

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Rarely does a week goes by without at least an inquiry or two from folks looking for good woodworking project plans. The task of designing a project, building it, working out the kinks, and then producing plans that another person could follow and replicate the project is no small undertaking. That's why we just go right to what we think is one of the better sources for good project plans, Wood Magazine, then feature one in this newsletter every week.

So if you haven't noticed already, every week we share with you another project plan that you can download and print (or have mailed to you). Yep, we stock the wood, we show you some plans . . . I suppose the only thing left to do is finally bring the wood stretcher to market; you know, the tool that makes a piece of wood bigger.

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lamp, woodworking project
Mahogany Hall Table

with dovetailed drawers, tung oil finish
Click it to take a closer look.

Featured Wood of The Month: Walnut
There's No Minimum Order - Get As Little As You Want

exotic wood saleOf all the woods out there, walnut is a tough one. That is, it's tough because walnut is one of the woods that every woodworker likes for different reasons. It has variety, sometimes swirly grain, sometimes straight grain, varying colors between the heartwood and the sapwood, and it'll certainly have knots, even the most prime grade.

But it's still beautiful stuff, wonderful to push through a saw.

go nowFor the month of April, it's our big feature, and 25% off.

Sale ends April 30.

Want Tips for Making the Sapwood Blend?

Pale sapwood in walnut is a fact of working with the wood. The ways to deal with the color difference are few and not secretive. Cut it away, incorporate it, or use a dye and stain process to blend the color and make the dark color last longer: How to hide walnut sapwood with a dye.

beautiful jewelry boxProject Plan of The Week
Glass Door Bookcase

I have a feeling the world will still need classy bookcases even though Kindles and Nooks and iPads are here to stay.

Small bookcases will take more than a weekend to knock out, but not much more. They're deceptively simple projects, especially this one. "Hardwood glued to plywood lends the appearance of frame-and-panel sides without the need for cutting difficult joints. Half-lap joints cut on the tablesaw ease door construction. Mullions adhered to the glass create the look of four-pane divided-light doors without the pain of fussy moldings "

It's 41" wide, 16" deep and 36" high. As usual, you can trust these plans to be easy to follow and to be accurate because they come from the gents at WOOD Magazine.

Download from WOOD Magazine's website for $8.95

Bonus Buy! Genuine Mahogany Lumber, $8.99
It's all 6' and 7' long, perfect for your fine furniture and easy to ship

Mahogany lumber

Just to be clear, this mahogany is the real thing, Swietenia macrophylla. Some know it as Honduran mahogany, but it grows in a number of Central and South American regions other than Honduras. The Swietenia macrophylla species is the mahogany by which all others are judged. African mahogany isn't as consistent or as easy to plane and sand. There's some genuine mahogany being grown on plantations in Fiji, but that variety is prone to having pin knots and less-than-remarkable pale color.

Not quite satisfied with these alternatives, we rounded up a full truck load of the real-deal genuine mahogany from Central America. What this means to you is one massive selection and the best price you'll find anywhere on genuine mahogany. It's the same high quality - kiln dried, clear both sides, superb color - but our bulk purchase got the price way down. Regularly this wood reaches nearly $15, but through April it's yours for just $8.99.

Genuine Mahogany Lumber
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4/4 Genuine Mahogany, 6'-7' lengths

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Figured woodThe Greatest Figured Boards
Check our "One of a Kind" Page for rare, unusual, and exceptional boards

We know how much people like to see an exact piece of wood when they're buying over the internet. That must be partly why our page of one-of-a-kind boards is so popular. And it's getting loaded up with some unusual, rare, and figured boards.

Multiple times a week, Craig adds more items so there's constantly a rotation of nearly 100 different items.

boardsRight now, you can find bocote, Figured cherry, figured walnut, figured bubinga, a maple burl slab, and tons more. Check it out. You'll find something nice for your special projects.