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Why Quarter Sawn White Oak Isn’t Very Wide

by Mark Stephens | August 12th, 2013

We all love quarter sawn oak for the remarkable figure. And, yes, it makes some downright fantastic furniture because of both the beautiful appearance and its excellent durability.

There’s just one problem. When you want to make table tops, door panels, or tall drawer fronts out of the wood, good chance you’ll go looking for the widest boards in the stack¬† — only to discover that the boards are disappointingly narrow for your needs. You’ll find plenty of boards 5″ wide, but rarely any that are as wide as, say, 7″ or more.¬† It’s not a conspiracy to drive you mad. It’s the nature of quarter sawn lumber, and this short information video from Frank Miller Lumber (one of the major producers in North America for quarter sawn oak) sheds some light on why.

Quarter sawn white oak and how to finish it

Quarter sawn white oak sample finished and compared to a raw board

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