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Everything You Want to Know About SawStop – Presentation Sept 8 at Woodworkers Source

by Mark Stephens | September 7th, 2011

The brake in a SawStop table saw stops the blade dead in a matter of miliseconds and proposes to save your fingers and hand from serious injury.

In case you haven’t heard yet, we’re now Arizona’s source for SawStop woodworking table saws. These are the saws that feature the safety technology that stops a table saw blade cold if skin touches the blade while it’s spinning . . . and does so 10x faster than a car air bag deploys. Which means it can prevent some serious accidents. Really impressive.

However, the saw is much more than just a safety feature.  SawStop currently produces 3 types of table saws: an industrial version with motors ranging from 3 hp to 7.5 hp, a professional version with either a 3 hp or 1.75 hp motor (with single-phase) that works great for home shops, and an open stand contractor saw. SawStop makes its own dust collection system that captures 99% of the dust. And there are countless other details to each of these table saws that make them highly accurate, easy to use, and a joy to own. That’s why we’re staying open a little late this Thursday to introduce you to the saw, let you touch and feel and understand what makes this table saw a great table saw.

So this week on September 8, we’ll be hosting a presentation on this saw after we close, at all 3 stores. Starting at 5:00 pm it’ll be casual discussion about what makes the saw so nice (beyond the safety feature, but that too). Come as you are, when you can, no registration or anything. But if you want to see that safety brake work on a running saw, we’ll do that right about the stroke of 6:00 pm. Don’t miss that part.

Videos and details about the saws:

When and Where? Thursday September 8, 2011 after 5:00 pm. All Woodworkers Source stores (Tempe, Tucson, Phoenix). Live safety brake demo will be at 6:00 pm. Presentation is informal, so don’t worry about getting there at 5:00 or staying until 7:00, Just drop by when you can.