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A Better Way to Clamp Jigs to Your Bandsaw Table

by Mark Stephens | June 28th, 2011

After hours at our stores this month, we’ve been hosting a series of  seminars called How to Get The Most Out of Your Bandsaw (info). Our demonstrator, Joe, has a pile of smart jigs for doing operations like pattern cutting, repetitive curve cutting, log slicing, and so on.

But what really caught my eye was this smart clamping block:

Clamping block with a rare earth magnet

(click to zoom) The underside of a bandsaw table isn't smooth but has ridges, which makes attaching a clamp a small chore. These blocks cut to fit within the recesses on the bottom also have a magnet to hold them to the table. wah-la!

magnetized clamping blocks

See that? The Rare Earth magnet is recessed into the block flush. Since it'll stick right to the bandsaw door, you'll never lose it. And since it'll stick to the under side of the table, you can dedicate both hands to snugging down your clamp rather than fidgiting with it all and wishing you had a third hand.

The serious work of woodwork

The easy clamping block makes jig set up a much simpler action. And now.... on to the real work of woodwork.

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