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If it’s not obvious, making cutting boards is easy; all you need is a table saw and a router – and the router isn’t totally necessary either. 

In 1999 Keith, the owner of Woodworkers Source, went to Paraguay to visit a sustainable yield lumber project.  He came back with a container load of unusual woods following shortly after. When we bring in unusual woods, it’s often with a bit of stand-back-and-wait because even though we’ve seen a sample piece (or maybe not
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Down in the Amazon, we have a long time connection who keeps us informed about interesting woods and timber projects. Before you think that sounds like a great job, consider the heat, the bugs, the bureaucracy, the red tape, the “we’ll get to your requests mañana” culture shock, the joys of long flights, delayed boats,
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Yes, you too might be convinced that the wood called purple heart is dyed to get that vivid color. Or maybe that it’s not a wood at all. It happens every day in our stores where we invariably get asked, “So, c’mon is that really the natural color?” Well, it most certainly is.

They’ve practically taken over in here.  Just within the last week, we’ve had a number of new squares show up demanding some attention. It’s like a turning square convention in our warehouse.  Everywhere you turn . . . there they are. All kinds of woods, too. All these beautiful perfectly cut exotic woods are stacked,
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