It’s easy to love sapele lumber, especially for furniture and cabinetry. The wood is well-mannered when it comes to machining and working it with hand tools, making it a pleasure to use in woodworking projects. But it’s also downright beautiful with flowing ribbons of stripy figure trailing from end to end of the boards. Plus, …Read More


Tropical walnut might be a new wood to you, and that’s okay. This is a type of walnut that grows in Ecuador, Peru and Colombia, and happens to be a close relative of American black walnut. The two woods have similar color, hardness, and general working characteristics – they’re both rather nice hardwoods to machine with …Read More

In this post, we share several tips for finishing mahogany in a way that gets you to the color you want and with a glass-smooth protective top coat.

You have dozens, maybe hundreds, of ways to finish mahogany for your woodworking projects. That’s part of the beauty of the wood; you can apply nearly any finish to it and it’ll look wonderful. So there’s no way to make a definitive declaration about the best finish for mahogany. But I can pass you a few tips, ideas, and …Read More

Did You Know About Lumber Discounts?

When you’re out to buy lumber, we want you buy from us. No surprise there, right? Most importantly, that’s why we try to provide you with a whole menu of choices so you can buy wood that meets your needs. If you want to buy just a small piece of something exotic, no problem. We’ll …Read More

Here’s a hardwood you really don’t want to miss: Sapele Take a look: That’s the real stuff.  You can see that it shares a likeness with mahogany, but still has a personality all of its own. Sapele comes from massive trees of 150 feet tall, and over 4 feet in diameter.  To make it better, …Read More

Who doesn’t enjoy handmade arts and crafts?  Not only do they make excellent gifts, but buying them supports the artists and brings special uniqueness to your home. On Saturday December 11, Arizona’s finest woodworkers will be displaying and selling their awesome projects and talking about their craftsmanship — from items as small as turned wood …Read More

It starts with a sweaty trip to a sawmill in a far-off jungle….When the guys started pushing an 8-foot-long log through the 8-inch-wide bandsaw blade (and said bandsaw was taller than a pro basketball player and wider than a pro football player), the log looked like something you wouldn’t dare bring home to mom. It …Read More

8 Reasons Why Bubinga Is Awesome

Let’s just say you and I are walking in a forest in Cameroon, a smallish country in Central Africa that’s roughly the size of California. Walking in the forest of Cameroon is no ordinary experience. It’s home to several endangered primates, and a mind-blowing number of tropical birds. The air here is thick and humid …Read More

Check out this second set of fun turnings from Jim King down in the Peruvian Amazon.  He’ll be commenting on these incredible woods he used down below …. In the mean time, click on the pictures to see a larger version.  I’m interested in that multi-part vessel at the end:

You’re going to get a kick out of these turnings. Some are inside out or exceptionally intricate.  Others look like regular ol’ bowls.  But all of them use a special and unusual wood that echos the beauty of the forest from which they came. Of course, let me not fail to mention these were turned …Read More

In this guest blog post, Jim King takes on a tour, so to speak, of his turning shop down in Peruvian Amazon.  I hope you enjoy his humor and enlightening pictures from a fairly primitive set up. – Mark Stephens Wood turning is one of the oldest crafts in the world and has been done …Read More


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