Ask any bass player, and he’ll tell you that his job is the least respected in the band.  Musically speaking, the bass takes care of the low end; and those who don’t know any better may think this position really is low end.  Did Elvis play bass?  Willie Nelson? Guys like Jimmy Page and Carlos …Read More

This thing’s a beauty! To help display red oak and purple heart (two featured woods this month) in a finished project, Doug Johnson built a table using both woods together.  Doug is the store manager of the Woodworkers Source Tempe location, and you can come by the store to get a look at the table …Read More

When I decided it was finally time to get a small-ish cabinet for organizing my archives of our print promotional materials, I drew a quick stick-figure thing of some cubbies and asked Thad – an employee at our Tempe store – to build it for me. A week later, he called and said it was …Read More