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Free Demo Night at Woodworkers Source: Getting The Most Out of Your Bandsaw

Monday, May 16th, 2011

One of the big benefits to joining our Rosewood Club (more here) is getting to come to some free invite-only woodworking demos and seminars. So, if you’re a Rosewood Club member we have a really neat seminar for you.  Check this out.

In June, we’re providing 3 free demo nights at our shop called Getting The Most Out Of Your Bandsaw.  It’s two full hours dedicated just to showing the myriad of tricks, techniques, and most useful aspects of the bandsaw.  Of course, we’ll also be covering the essentials of setting up and calibrating your own bandsaw.  The demo and discussion is handled by our own Joe Tripodi, who also is active in the Arizona Association of Fine Woodworkers as a mentor to new woodworkers.  He’s a dedicated woodworker who knows his stuff.

Attendance is FREE, but space is limited to 50 at each one. If you’d like to come, reserve your space by clicking on the appropriate link for the date and location that best suits you. The link takes you to a quick registration page.

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Yes, this is limited to just Rosewood Club members.  You can join, it’s easy – details here.  It’s a membership program specifically geared for woodworkers who are “local” to our stores in Phoenix, Tempe, or Tucson.  Online registration is not available (yet), so just either call or come into your nearest Woodworkers Source location to sign up.

Why We Like It When You Ask Questions

Friday, March 25th, 2011

Ask your questions, we'll have a good time

Believe it or not, our most prized customer is not some manufacturer who needs millions and millions of board feet every month.

We get a special kind of thrill when a customer, big or small, calls or emails or sends a message via Facebook or Twitter to ask things like,  “What kind of wood should I use for my project?” or “What’s the best finish for XX wood?”  or “Will this wood destroy my table saw blade?”

Do you know why?  It’s because it gives us a chance to succeed by helping you succeed.  Corny as it may sound. read more