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Archive for February, 2010

AZ Association of Fine Woodworkers Prove Their Mettle with a Box Contest

Thursday, February 25th, 2010

Figured Walnut and maple box by John Irwin

In November of 2009, the Arizona Association of Fine Woodworkers assembled in the warehouse at our Phoenix store for their monthly meeting.  A number of them brought their latest finished projects; a bookcase, several turned bowls, fretwork, and more.  They discussed the woods they used, the challenges they encountered, and the techniques they learned. One of the members conducted a demonstration on how to weave and apply chair caning.

Then I presented them with another challenge, a box making contest using a selected package of materials of 3 pieces of exotic Huayruro, 3 pieces of figured walnut blocks, and a 15″x15″ piece of Baltic birch.  Each woodworker could add to the materials, but each of these had to be used in the box somewhere.

On February 19, the entrants turned in their boxes for judging and I selected the top three boxes based on ranking the originality, execution, finish, and artistry of each one from 1 to 5. read more

Making Thin Wood: Resawing Lumber with a Band Saw

Sunday, February 7th, 2010

Resawing to make thin wood is simple in concept, but it comes with a few challenges as well.

Resawing to make thin wood is simple in concept, but it comes with a few challenges as well.

So you want 1/8″ thick exotic wood, or maybe thinner? Or slice a 3/4″ thick board into some 1/4″ thick pieces? It’s a common question from our customers.  “Can you slice a thicker board into numerous thinner boards?”  It’s a sensible question because it seems like a big waste of wood to plane a 3/4″ thick board to 1/4″.  So, sure, resawing is no problem.

Well . . . sort of.

Check out this great video from The Woodworkers Guild of America about resawing with your band saw.
read more