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Archive for June, 2009

A Dual Purpose Roll-Top Camp Table made of Ipe

Tuesday, June 9th, 2009
Roll top camp table made of Ipe wood

Roll top camp table made of Ipe wood

One of my challenges as a father of a toddler and as an avid camper is finding a table that’s a suitable size for my daughter.

I’ve tried plopping her plate on top of two stacked  Storm Cases.  The right height, but a little too shanty-like.

A few companies make a 20-ish inch high table: Byer of Maine for example.  Nice table, but just not quite what I have in mind for the ideal table.

Why not just make one? Ah yes, the great benefit of custom woodworking means you can make anything you want, just the way you want (ahem, so long as you have enough time and money, of course . . .).  So I set out to just get the job done with a simple design in mind and a perfect outdoor wood: ipe. read more