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Blackwood African (Botanical: Dalbergia melanoxylon)

Information to help you make woodworking projects with Blackwood African - all products are listed at bottom
Blackwood African, Dalbergia melanoxylon
Light Heavy
Soft Hard
Fine Coarse
Easy Difficult
Easy Difficult
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map of where this wood grows

woodworking characteristicsBlackwood African Characteristics

Very nice to work and polish, but also very hard. Takes an exceptional polish and is the Turning Wood of Kings for nothing holds fine detail as well as African Blackwood.

color of Blackwood AfricanColor Range

Heartwood is dark purple-brown with dark black streaks and the sapwood is creamy white.

other names for Blackwood AfricanOther Names

African blackwood, African ebony, African grenadilo, Banbanus, Ebene, Grenadilla, Grenadille d'Afrique, Mpingo, Mufunjo, Mugembe, Mukelete, Pau preto, Poyi, Zebra wood

uses for Blackwood AfricanSome Typical Uses

Musical instruments such as clarinets, oboes, etc; turnery, inlay, and accents.

the Blackwood African treeWhat's the Tree Like?

The small tree develops more than a single stem, and typically grows to a height of 15 to 20 feet. The bole is often short, fluted, and rarely cylindrical, with diameters that are seldom more than 12.

where Blackwood African growsBlackwood African grows in

Africa, from Sudan southward to Mozambique, westward to Angola, and northward to Nigeria and Senegal. The tree is also reported to grow in western India.

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