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Home > Power Tools > Table Saws > SawStop Industrial Cabinet Saw 3-HP, 5-HP, or 7.5-HP Table Saw

SawStop Industrial Cabinet Saw 3-HP, 5-HP, or 7.5-HP Table Saw

Customer Rating 5 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 5
Read 1 reviews | You can rate it!
SawStop Industrial Cabinet Saw 3-HP, 5-HP, or 7.5-HP Table Saw for woodworking best price on sale
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Customer Rating 5 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 5
1 reviews | You can rate it!

Industrial Cabinet Saw
6 different motor choices, 2 different fence choices

This is SawStop's top-of-the-line saw for maximum safety and performance in industrial environments. The New 10" SawStop Industrial Cabinet Saw has everything you'd want in a saw: precision and heavy-duty construction, plus the revolutionary safety feature that's made SawStop famous. And now, in the first significant upgrade since the introduction of this now-legendary saw, the Industrial Cabinet Saw features a 99% dust collection system that's second-to-none.
The Industrial saw is available in these motor variations with your choice of 36" or 52" fence:
  • ICS31230: 3 hp, 1 phase, 230 V, 13 A
  • ICS51230: 5 hp, 1 phase, 230 V, 20.5 A (optional)
  • ICS53230: 5 hp, 3 phase, 230 V, 13 A (optional)
  • ICS53480: 5 hp, 3 phase, 480 V, 6.5 A (optional)
  • ICS73230: 7.5 hp, 3 phase, 230 V, 17.8 A (optional)
  • ICS73480: 7.5 hp, 3 phase, 480 V, 9 A (optional)

Watch this short overview video of the Industrial Cabinet Saw
Common Myths about Sawstop

False: It can't cut green wood, aluminum or other conductive material.
Every SawStop machine has a switchable bypass of the safety brake feature allowing you to cut anything that would normally trigger the safety feature. In fact, if you don't know if the material you need to cut can be cut with the safety feature on, simply activate the bypass, make a small test cut, and then look at the switch. A reading near the switch tells you if it's necessary or not to activate the bypass to cut that material.

False: Replacement brake cartridges are a couple hundred bucks.
They're actually just $69.00.

False: It's difficult to replace the brake cartridge if it's set off.
Actually it's not much different from repacing the blade. You can do it from the top of the saw through the throat plate opening, and it requires no tools.

False: False activations happen all the time.
The SawStop technology is smarter than you may realize. The saw will not start if it detects something conductive is touching the blade. The brake doesn't activate unless the blade is spinning and something conductive touches the blade.