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Granadillo (Botanical: Platymiscium spp)

Information to help you make woodworking projects with Granadillo - all products are listed at bottom
Granadillo, Platymiscium spp
Light Heavy
Soft Hard
Fine Coarse
Easy Difficult
Easy Difficult
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map of where this wood grows

woodworking characteristicsGranadillo Characteristics

Granadillo is a name given to many woods in Latin America, and for unknown reasons. Generally the wood is from the Platymiscium genus, from which many beautiful and durable woods come that are known by other names. The wood will be tight grained with good hardness and have a dark brown to reddish or purplish color, often with a nuanced variety and variegated pattern. But sometimes not. It is, nevertheless, a beautiful wood with excellent finishing characteristics.

color of GranadilloColor Range

Dark brown to red to oange to purple

other names for GranadilloOther Names

Coyote, Cocobolo, Granadillo, Guayacan trebol, Jacaranda do brejo, Koenatepi, Macacauba, Macawood, Trebal, Trebol

uses for GranadilloSome Typical Uses

Pool cues, musical instruments, inlay, turnings, veneer

the Granadillo treeWhat's the Tree Like?

These trees are reported to reach heights of 80 feet with trunk diameters of 29-42''. The buttressed trees develop straight and well-formed boles, that are often clear to 60 feet.

where Granadillo growsGranadillo grows in

Central America

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