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Bamboo Wood, Solid Boards 1x12x96 (Carbonized / Dark)

5 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 5 Customer Ranked
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Bamboo Wood, Solid Boards 1x12x96 (Carbonized / Dark)
    List Price: $99.99 / piece
    On Sale: $79.99 / piece
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    Now You Can Use Beautiful Bamboo in Woodworking!
    These solid boards of bamboo can be cut, routed, planed, sanded, stained and finished just like other hardwoods. And it's not just a good, durable and resilient material but also highly sustainable and offers a beautiful, unique appearance. Bamboo comes in uniform sizes 3/4" x 11-1/2" x 96" (actual) and is sold by the piece.

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    Finally, woodworkers can enjoy adding bamboo to their woodworking projects with these solid boards of real bamboo plywood. Bamboo is lauded as a highly sustainable natural product that's durable and resilient, making it fantastic in many fine woodworking projects. Cutting boards, table tops, shelves, and picture frames are just some of the many uses for bamboo.

    Fast growing, bamboo is actually a tall grass not a tree. The grass shoots are processed into flat strips then laminated together to form the solid boards. The material we stock here is known as 1-ply, a full 3/4'' thick and laminated into 12'' wide boards.

    Product Size

    • Thickness: 3/4'' thick, surfaced smooth two sides
    • Widths: 11-1/2'' wide actual. Edges are smooth.
    • Lengths: 96" lengths.

    Other Good things To Know

    • Quantity: Each piece has 8 square feet
    • Grade: Select & Better.. See our page about Hardwood Grading for some details about common lumber grades and their definitions.
    • Brand: Woodworkers Source

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