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10 PACK: Mirka AUTONET Abrasive Disc 5'' (Choose your grit)

5 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 5 Customer Ranked
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10 PACK: Mirka AUTONET Abrasive Disc 5'' (Choose your grit)
    Price: $7.99 / Pack

    Autonet lasts over twice as long as regular 5" sanding discs and allows for dust-free sanding. 10 pack is specially packaged by us for convenient buying. For use on a random orbit sander with a hook and loop pad.

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    Better Dust Collection, Lasts Longer, Universal Fit

    Experience the best dust-free sanding and longer product life with Mirka's Autonet mesh abrasive (also known as Abranet). Mirka Autonet is actually a wire mesh product that has the same aluminum oxide grain you're used to in your sandpaper. Instead of paper, it's on a mesh disc and it's a lot better than paper. Here's why:

    1. No more worn edges of your discs. Sandpaper discs most often wear out at the edges first. And they do it quickly if you're hard on the edges.The wire mesh of Autonet holds strong for the long haul because it's wire rather than paper.
    2. Improved dust collection. The mesh construction allows air to pass through the entire disc so with your sander connected to a vacuum more dust than ever will get sucked up. You might notice, too, that you don't have to line up the disc with your sander's dust holes . . . it's mesh, after all.
    3. Longer lifespan. Mesh discs last almost twice as long as paper discs. With better dust collection comes less clogging, and less clogging means a longer service life from the disc. Plus the abrasive holds onto the wire better than it does to paper.
    4. Works on any 5" random orbit sander with hook-and-loop pad Because this disc is mesh, you don't have to consider the number of dust-extraction holes on your sander. These discs work with any hole pattern.
    5. Changing is easy. Mesh discs use hook-and-loop to adhere to your sanding pad, just like paper discs. So, you just stick these on instead. However, you'll want to use a hook and loop pad saver, an inexpensive and thin pad that goes between the sanding disc and the pad on your sander .

    Product Size

    • Size: 5" diameter for 5" random orbit sanders

    Other Good things To Know

    • Quantity: 10 discs included
    • Model: Mirka Autonet
    • Brand: Mirka

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