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3/4'' Baltic Birch Plywood Pack: Choose Your Size

Shipping Included (48 U.S.)!
Customer Rating 5 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 5
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Baltic Birch Wood Lumber boards for woodworking,
Price: $90.99 / pack

10% OFF for 3+ packs
You can mix/match to get this bonus quantity discount, too.
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GET THE MOST FROM YOUR BALTIC BIRCH Baltic birch is manufactured in 60"x60" sheets, so we have to cut them down for shipping. You choose how you prefer to have them cut, and we'll ship right to your door. This gives you the most flexibility for your project needs. Custom cutting to other sizes is available as well. Call to inquire 800-423-2450

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20"x30" (6 pcs per pack included)
15"x30" (8 pcs per pack included)
12"x30" (10 pcs per pack included)
20"x60" (3 pcs per pack included) (+$8.50)
15"x60" (4 pcs per pack included) (+$8.50)
12"x60" (5 pcs per pack included) (+$8.50)

Get the best Baltic birch in the size you want! We stock this high-grade plywood in 5'x5' sheets, but in order to be shipped they must be cut down to a size that's acceptable to shippers. So we offer multiple convenient sizes to choose from. The 60" length gives you the largest sheet possible that can be shipped, while the 30" length makes for a size that's easier for you to handle - but you decide which one is better for you!
Baltic Birch is the plywood of choice for a number of uses because it's inexpensive, stable, void free, holds screws exceptionally well, and it's made with waterproof glue. Use Baltic Birch for your box bottoms, drawer sides, scroll saw art, shop jig-making and other craft work.
B/BB Grade plywood has a void-free core for the ultimate performance in strength, however the faces are not cabinet-grade. Veneer patches may be present on the surface. The length or width may be undersized by 1/2.

Product Size

Click to see Baltic birch sizes:
  • Size: Actual thickness is 18 mm, and you choose your widths and lengths. (Sizes may be off by 1/4" due to the kerf of the saw blade)
  • Thickness: 3/4'' thick
  • Widths: Choose from 20", 15" or 12" (or a custom size)
  • Lengths: Your choice, 60" or 30" (or a custom size)

Other Good things To Know

  • Quantity: 25 square feet, cut into your choice of sizes and piece count
  • Grade: B/BB, which is the highest grade available. Both the face and the back veneers are single piece veneers with no splices. The face (best side) is clear and free of defects with a light-uniform color. The back (other side) allows for 3-6 color matched patches, which are oval in shape and egg sized; frequently called "footballs". Inner cores are solid birch single piece veneers. See our page about Hardwood Grading for some details about common lumber grades and their definitions.
  • Brand: Woodworkers Source
  • Extra Discount: 10% OFF for 3+ packs

The Best Baltic Birch

what to expect in a project pack of lumber

  • Void-free core means better gluing and screw-holding than other plywood
  • Core layers are bonded with exterior marine-grade adhesive
  • Core layers are birch veneer
  • Edges can be routed
  • Edges can be left bare or covered with edge banding or solid banding
  • Thick face veneer allows you greater margin for sanding without worry of sanding through
  • Available in 1/8", 1/4", 3/8", 1/2" and 3/4" thickness

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