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Mirka Abrasive Sanding Sponge 2-Sided Soft Foam, 10 Pack

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Mirka Abrasive Sanding Sponge 2-Sided Soft Foam, 10 Pack
    Price: $14.90 / Pack

    Your workhorse sanding sponge with a soft inner foam that's superior for sanding contours, shapes and moldings. But it's also a fine choice for sanding between coats of shellac, lacquer, or polyurethane of flat surfaces, too. Same grit is on both sides.

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    Highly flexible sanding pad with a soft foam middle. Sanding sponges not only last longer than regular sandpaper, but they also do a better job at sanding contours and smoothing out coats of clear finish. Use this double sided sponge either dry or wet, and you can even wash it out if the abrasive gets clogged. Choose from 3 different grits. Grit is the same on both sides.

    Product Size

    • Size: 1/2" x 3-3/4" x 4.75

    Other Good things To Know

    • Quantity: 10 sponges included
    • Model: Mirka Sanding Sponge
    • Brand: Mirka

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